While Valentine’s Day can serve as a celebration of romances old and new, it can also be a painful reminder of your relationship status. If you’re single, you may want to hide away from the PDA surrounding you and spend the night with a good movie. For that reason, we’ve got you covered with a list of flicks that will surely lift your spirits.

“Spirited Away”

“Spirited Away,” created by Studio Ghibli, tells the coming-of-age story of a young girl named Chihiro who takes a dangerous journey to free herself and her parents from the spiritual realm. In this breathtaking, hand-drawn flick, you will tear up about things other than the fact that your dates aren’t going well.

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fulcrum.caSpirited Away

“Lady Bird”

“Lady Bird” is an exceptional film that explores the difficult-to-navigate world of teen love. It will make you realize that sometimes you put your love into the wrong people and some bonds are stronger than others. But it will also prove that you don’t need to be with anyone to be happy.

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“The Proposal”

If you really want to laugh this Valentine’s Day, this is the movie for you. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, this movie will take you on a trip to Alaska for a seemingly long weekend, as the two characters begin to discover their love for each other. Also, there’s a puppy.

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psmag.comLove, Simon

“Love, Simon”

“Love, Simon” is filled with the ups and downs of love, the heartbreaking and heartwarming. You’ll realize that your friends can sometimes be the greatest loves of your life. But most importantly, this movie will show you that if you are true to yourself, things will get better.

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avalontheatregj.comBook Smart


“Booksmart” follows the story of two best friends on the eve of graduation who realize that they never did any of the fun high school things they wanted to, and attempt to do everything in one night. Again, it proves that the love between friends can be stronger than all other bonds.

(Available on Hulu and for rental on Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play and Vudu)



If you want nothing to do with falling in love, then check out one of my all-time favorite movies, “Inception.” In this movie, you will follow Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) through a mind-bending journey to return home. You’ll be so confused and absorbed, you’ll forget about everything else.

(Available on Netflix and for rental on Prime Video, iTunes, YouTube, Google Play and Vudu)

“Get Smart”

Check out “Get Smart,” starring “The Office” star Steve Carell in the leading role next to Anne Hathaway. This movie will surely make you smile and lift your spirits this Valentine’s Day. If imagining Carell as a spy doesn’t distract you from your loneliness, what will?

(Available for rental on Prime Video, iTunes, YouTube, Google Play and Vudu)