As we enter the 100-year anniversary of the Roaring ’20s, you may be tempted to look back at the time period for party inspiration. The alluring picture painted by novels such as “The Great Gatsby” can offer a starting point for nailing a 1920s aesthetic, but it’s worthwhile to do some extra research and make sure you’re throwing the most historically accurate celebration that you can. Here are our tips for making the ’20s roar through your living room.

Throw back your fashion

One of the most defining details of the 1920s is its fashion, as the Western world became more practical without losing its grasp on glamor. Feminine clothing became significantly less stuffy, with trends moving away from tight, constricting outfits and toward loose, free-flowing flapper dresses. On the masculine side, long jackets were traded in for shorter suit jackets and stuffy trousers were exchanged for wide-legged pants. It’s possible to find clothing that fits this aesthetic in modern-day stores, but if you’d like to go above and beyond, websites like Etsy sell vintage throwback clothing to help you get the look just right.

Jazz it up

Other than the writers who came out of the Harlem Renaissance, no artistic achievement of the 1920s changed American culture more than the explosion of jazz music. Artists like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington changed the American pop music scene, and there’s no better soundtrack for your party than the sounds that coursed through city streets. Look for playlists on Spotify and YouTube that collect the best of the best.

Temper your drinking

Prohibition might feel familiar to anyone who has struggled to acquire a fake ID, but at a historically accurate 1920s party, the issue isn’t age requirements but rather the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. The group’s moralistic lobbying contributed to the passage of the 18th Amendment, banning alcohol consumption in all 50 states. You could throw a sober party, but no one’s going to show up to that, so try to find some work-arounds. Opt for drinks with extremely high alcohol content, as smugglers wouldn’t waste their time dealing with low-proof drinks like beer or wine. If you have a bathtub, feel free to fill it with gin and use it as a de facto punch bowl for even greater historical accuracy.