With the semester in full swing and classes demanding so much time, it can be easy to fall behind on media. But with Thanksgiving break coming in less than two weeks, you might need some suggestions for music, movies and games to help kill a few long car rides. Here’s what Arts & Culture has been binging in the last month.

Makoto Toyoda, Staff Writer

“Head in The Clouds II”

Since its release in mid-October, I have been listening to the new album “Head in the Clouds II” by mass media company 88rising. The label, founded by former Vice Reporter Sean Miyashiro, aims to promote up-and-coming Asian and Asian American artists. “Head in The Clouds II” is the sequel sophomore album to “Head in The Clouds,” released the year before, and features artists from various Asian countries such as NIKI, Joji, Higher Brothers and Rich Brian. The 16 tracks range in genre, from R&B to rap to electro-pop and synth-pop. I feel as though this diverse aspect of the album keeps me interested and lets me experience an array of emotions while listening.

Brendan Hurley, Contributing Writer

“Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order”

On Friday, “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,” hit digital and physical shelves around the world. The game gives you control of Cal Kestis, a Jedi who survived Order 66, and with a new team, takes on a dangerous quest to reform the Jedi Order. The game immerses you into a meticulously designed, gorgeous world, full of story, combat and unique puzzles. The game is easily addicting, so be warned. But as Yoda would probably say, “buy it you should.”

Patrick Earns, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

“Supermoon — EP”

Brooklyn band Charly Bliss has spent the last two years transitioning from harsh alternative rock in the vein of a better Weezer to the clean, vibrant power pop that dominated their spring release “Young Enough.” Their new EP, “Supermoon,” is a collection of B-sides from recording sessions from “Young Enough,” and while they don’t pack quite the same punch, they still showcase the ingredients that make Charly Bliss one of the most fun bands recording right now. Throw opening track “Feed” on your cardio playlist and let the expert melodies get stuck in your head.

Calendra Scahill, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor


Recently, I’ve been watching “Friends.” Whether it’s watching reruns during my lunch breaks or laying in bed and catching up on an episode, this ’90s sitcom is humorous and relatable in its depiction of adults navigating life in New York City. There’s a reason why “Friends” is so popular even years after it stopped airing, so be prepared to join the mob of college students obsessed with this show. The short, 20-minute episodes will give you a quick pick-me-up during the day, and make the show easy to binge if you’re feeling bored.

Gabriela Iacovano, Arts & Culture Editor


I’m probably beating a dead horse, but listen to FKA twigs’ “MAGDALENE.” Arguably the best of the English singer-songwriter’s career thus far, it has turned out to be one of the most well-received albums of the year. Invoking Mary Magdalene in her meditations on sex, love, fame and femininity, FKA twigs has channeled her sonic creativity and enchanting falsetto into a masterwork of cinematic experimental pop in the vein of Kate Bush or Björk. Singles “home with you” and “cellophane” especially tug at my heartstrings, and “sad day” has brightened my winter mornings with a splash of magic.