An annual talent show showcasing the talents of women and feminist allies will return to Binghamton University this week as the Women’s Student Union (WSU) presents “She’s Aloud!” on Thursday.

Alena Rodriguez, president of WSU and a senior majoring in linguistics, said about 16 people, the majority of whom identify as women, will be performing and showing off various talents.

“Showcasing femme performers is an important aspect of this event and part of our general goal is to uplift the femme community, but it is not exclusive to specifically those who identify as such,” Rodriguez said. “As long as performers are in solidarity with our goals, we welcome them. That being said, the vast majority — all but one — of our performers will be women.”

According to Rodriguez, there will be seven acoustic performances and four stand-up acts.

“It’s a very open mic kind of thing,” Rodriguez said. “It’s a lot of acoustic performances, there’s spoken word, there’s poetry, there’s stand-up and we also have Hoop Troop. It looks a little different every year, it just depends on who’s available, who’s responding, what our space looks like, but yeah, that’s what it’s gonna look like this year.”

Rodriguez has been planning the event, which usually WSU’s biggest event of the fall semester, since October. This year, it will be held in Mountainview College rather than its usual location in the University Union Undergrounds, but according to Rodriguez, “She’s Aloud!” has taken place in other venues in the past, including a lecture hall in the Fine Arts Building. The current venue can hold up to 150 people, but the event usually draws a more intimate crowd.

All of the money raised from the event will be going to Al Otro Lado, a nonprofit organization located in California that provides legal aid to deportees, migrants and refugees. According to Rodriguez, WSU members knew which cause they wanted to support before finding the organization.

“It’s a variety show that benefits an organization of our choice,” Rodriguez said. “This year, we decided to choose an organization that benefits families at the border that are being locked up in detention centers. Previously we’ve donated to victims in Puerto Rico, we’ve donated to the [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] pipeline — that was my freshman year — so then this year it was a cause we were passionate about.”

Besides the performances, there will also be free food, two raffles and WSU merchandise on sale, including limited edition T-shirts. Although revenue from admission won’t be going to WSU, Rodriguez said the money made from selling their merchandise will help the organization put on events in the future.

Although she won’t be performing, Rodriguez said she is looking forward to seeing her friends perform and raising money for Al Otro Lado.

“All the proceeds go toward a really good cause, so I just want as many people there for that reason, and also it’s just a nice space to come chill and take time to watch some acts and get free food,” Rodriguez said. “Especially this year, the space is really nice, so I’m excited for that.”

The event will run from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. in Appalachian Collegiate Center 111. Admission is $3 at the door.