George Rudy/ By being proactive and organized, you can save time and stress when moving out.

The most stressful week of the semester is here and moving out is probably the furthest thing from your mind. Luckily, we thought ahead and compiled a list of tips to make the ordeal easier.

Consider your storage options

For those who don’t live close by or can’t move all their stuff home for the summer, there are many storage companies within a few miles of campus. Heritage Self Storage off of Glendale Drive is a 17-minute drive from campus and Five Star Store It in Johnson City is only four minutes away. Five Star Store It offers a 20-square-foot space for $38 a month and Heritage offers a 25-square-foot space for $75 a month. Similarly, if you’re moving into an apartment or house, know your lease dates and consider moving some belongings into your apartment at the end of this semester. If you are unable to do that, ask a friend if they would be willing to store some of your stuff for the summer.

Wash all your clothes

The last thing you want to worry about after a long finals week is a pile of dirty laundry. Even though it can be hectic, do yourself a favor and get your laundry out of the way. It’s one less thing you have to do when you get home.

Make piles of things to keep, things to discard and things to donate

Throughout the year, you probably bought or otherwise picked up a lot of things you might not need. Whether it’s clothing, empty bottles or schools supplies you no longer need, make three distinct piles: things to keep, things to discard and things to donate. Goodwill is a four-minute drive from campus on Vestal Parkway East, and many residence halls set up donation boxes in the weeks before move-out day.

Don’t put it off, do it in steps

Finals week is stressful as it is, so there’s no reason to add to that by putting off packing until the very last minute. It may seem overwhelming, but taking it in steps is the best plan of attack. Using a study break to pack is always a good option, because sometimes you just need to clear your mind after you’ve been studying for hours. Chipping away at the large list of things to pack feels a lot easier than trying to tackle it all at once.

Pack as efficiently as possible

As most of us live in pretty compact spaces, you probably know how to make the most out of your living space. This should extend to packing up as well. If you have storage crates, make sure you use every last inch of them, because they will make moving things out to your car much easier. Also, keep in mind any breakables you have and wrap those in clothes or plastic bags so they don’t break on your way home. Similarly, if you have a TV, make sure to put cardboard over the screen so it doesn’t get scratched.

Follow your building’s guidelines

Another thing you do not want to deal with after finals are fines for not properly following your building’s moving guidelines. If you live on campus, you should have recently received an email laying out rules for moving out. Remember to turn in your keys if your building uses them, remove all personal belongings from your room and clean up any major messes before checking out.