State Street in Downtown Binghamton is a wonderful place where Binghamton University’s clearly of-age students can enjoy sticky floors and somewhat reasonably priced drinks. There’s no way to truly do a night out correctly if you don’t have the appropriate music to accompany it, so whether you’re heading to the Rat for flip night or Tom and Marty’s for trivia, here are some songs to prepare you for a night out on the town.

“I Don’t Fuck With You” — Big Sean

Going Downtown is the perfect time to forget about that ex-girlfriend who’s been running through your thoughts or that obnoxious friend who ditched you. Big Sean’s “I Don’t Fuck With You” is the perfect pregame banger to get in the mindset of doing your own thing and having a blast on State Street regardless of who’s bumming you out.

“Rolling Stone” — Black Hippy

This tune from the star-studded Black Hippy rap group features smooth verses from Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q and more will make you want to get moving. That chorus of “I like to drink all the time, fuck all the time / Anything that can get me out of my mind” really sets the tone for an amazing night to come. Throw “Rolling Stone” on the aux if you and your friends need some motivation to get the night going how it should.

“One Dance” — Drake

This song makes everyone want to dance, no matter who you are. Drake may not be the most talented rapper out there, but a few drinks in and that really should not matter anymore. “One Dance” is a vibe that absolutely no one can resist, and those smooth rhythms will get everyone’s hips moving.

“Rock Your Body” — Justin Timberlake

JT is a classic, and some of his riffs are truly irresistible. “Rock Your Body” is certainly one of those grooves. The chorus, urging “Don’t be so quick to, walk away / Dance with me,” is smooth as can be. A throwback always gets people going and a little later into the night, Timberlake’s well-known dance track will get everyone hype.

“Closing Time” — Semisonic

A little bitter, a little sweet, “Closing Time” signals that the bars are done for the night and it’s time to head home. A calm track to soothe the angsty bar-goers at the end of a night, Semisonic’s tune is the perfect way to cap off a night of buffoonery and drinking.

“The Let Out” — Jidenna

Jidenna’s “The Let Out” is an ear-grabbing song about what happens when people get let out of the club. This song is the ultimate track to remind your drunk and tired friends that the bar closing is not the end of the night and that there is more fun to be had. This song will motivate you to make your own fun on Binghamton’s State Street instead of letting the bars dictate your night.