Shutterstock With the right outfit, you can combine comfort and style to achieve the perfect Spring Fling look.

With finals season right around the corner, Spring Fling marks the beginning of the end of yet another academic year. On Saturday, artists Playboi Carti and GoldLink will be headlining this year’s concert, and you’re going to want to look your best for it. If you’re struggling to find the perfect clothes to wear for a weekend of fun and celebration, here are Pipe Dream’s suggestions for Spring Fling outfits. Keep in mind that the weather forecast calls for an umbrella, which can be added as an accessory to any outfit.

Denim or leather jacket, white T-shirt, black jeans and boots

Although it’s officially May and summer is fast approaching, Binghamton weather can take a minute to catch up with the calendar. If you’re worried about the rain and potentially chilly weather, it’s a good idea to wear a jacket that can easily be tied around your waist. This outfit is universally flattering regardless of your personal style and it works for any gender. It can easily be made more unique by tying the T-shirt up, pairing the outfit with your favorite pair of sunglasses, wearing ripped jeans or even just cuffing your pants.

White blouse and bright-colored skirt

If you want to wear something bolder and more suitable for spring, try pairing a simple white blouse with a bright-colored denim skirt. This will give you a classy and feminine vibe that still looks appropriate for Spring Fling. If you’re looking to make the outfit more festive, it’s easy to accessorize with stick-on rhinestones or temporary tattoos.

Oversized sweatshirt, fishnet stockings, leather boots and chokers

If you get cold easily, layering an oversized sweatshirt over fishnet stockings and leather boots can provide a cozy, effortless and warm look that will still have you looking great while singing along to “Crew.” Wearing your hair in a bun will ensure it stays out of your face while you look your best. Layering chokers with this look will give you the perfect touch of grunge.

Old graphic tee, ripped jeans and Converse

At Spring Fling, you always run the risk of getting your outfit dirty. Between the crowd, dirt, rain and mud, there are plenty of different ways to mess up your look. If you don’t want to take the chance of ruining your favorite clothes and accessories, you can always wear something simple and classic. Find an old graphic tee to tie up, cut or simply wear as is. Pair it with ripped jeans and your go-to Converse, frat shoes or beat-up sneakers that you won’t mind getting dirty. You can dance, sing and enjoy the weekend without fussing over your clothes — you’ll still look great.