Provided by Vanyaland American comedian Chris Fleming, most known for his YouTube videos, will be performing on April 25 for SAPB’s spring comedy show.

The Student Association Programming Board (SAPB) has been constantly working to provide unique entertainment, recreation and experiences on the Binghamton University campus for students to enjoy. SAPB is in charge of coordinating events like the Fall Concert, Spring Fling and numerous other shows, festivals and lectures throughout the year. Most recently, the SAPB will bring YouTube comedian, Chris Fleming on Thursday, April 25, in the Admissions Center Theatre.

Chris Fleming is perhaps most well known for his Youtube series “Gayle,” which follows his character, Gayle Waters-Waters, a caricature of wealthy, uptight suburban mothers. However, many of Fleming’s comedic acts have gone viral on Facebook. He is also known for his stand-up routines and on April 25, Fleming will be performing to an audience of BU students.

Jillian Pizzuto, comedy chair of the SAPB and a senior majoring in Spanish, said when choosing a comedian this semester, the SAPB took the fame and notability of various comedians into consideration before deciding on Fleming.

“We wanted someone who would be easy to promo,” Pizzuto said. “He does very distinct acts like Gigi the Christmas Snake [and] his character Gayle. As soon as you say those names people think of his Facebook videos. Most people know who he is from those videos, either by face or by name.”

According to Pizzuto, many students and student groups were pleased and thrilled with the SA’s decision to present Chris Fleming, especially due to his authenticity and relevance to college students.

“The Women’s Student Union, in particular, was very happy to hear about Chris Fleming,” Pizzuto said. “My fraternity is very excited as well. Fleming has nothing but fantastic, unproblematic, authentic comedy.”

For some students, Chris Fleming’s humor and viral videos have a very personal connection.

“Much of comedy is inside jokes among friend groups,” Pizzuto said. “Many people recall watching “Gigi the Christmas Snake” three years ago and laughing. “Grad Student Shuffle” was just released. It’s really nice seeing him continuously release material throughout our college years that is relevant to what we’re doing now. I’ve gotten great feedback from the student community since releasing the poster.”

Pizzuto has worked hard in reaching out to Fleming, organizing the show, raising interest and attention and in creating the promotional poster.

“Even if you don’t know who Chris Fleming is, you look at the poster and you see that he is just a living meme,” Pizzuto said. “There is nothing but joy coming from this man. I really tried to translate that through a goofy-looking poster. People may not know Fleming’s name but through the poster, they can attach his face to his viral videos.”

Pizzuto emphasized the importance of hosting comedic events on campus, especially during the later, more hectic portions of the semester.

“We’re getting into the nitty gritty part of the semester when stress is at its highest,” Pizzuto said. “A comedy show can really help relieve some of that and put a smile on your face. People should definitely come down whether they know Chris Fleming or not because he is hilarious.”

Pizzuto recognizes the difficult scheduling of the event but promises audiences a good time.

“It’s on a Thursday which is not ideal especially with Moefest coming after that weekend, but if you come through you will have a Thursday to remember,” Pizzuto said.

The show will take place at the Admissions Center Theatre at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 25. Admission will be free.