If you’re looking for a fast lunchtime stop this Restaurant Week, check out Sake-Tumi for its affordable lunch specials and speedy service. The restaurant has a casual ambiance with a lot of natural light that makes for a relaxing dining experience and a killer location for an Instagram story. Additionally, the service is fast, making it a perfect destination if you’re looking for time to kill between classes.

Consisting of various different kinds of sushi rolls, a kitchen entree or a bento box option, Sake-Tumi’s lunch special has something for even the pickiest eater at just $10 a person.

Looking for something filling, I opted for the teriyaki stir-fry dish with chicken, one of three kitchen entree options. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the sushi bar and kitchen entree options also came with miso soup, a side salad and pork spring rolls.

The crunchy exterior of the pork spring rolls complemented the filling perfectly. Additionally, the ginger dressing on the side salad confirmed that I made the right decision ordering from the kitchen entree section. All three sides were of perfect proportions and left me satisfied without feeling too full.

Next came the entree, a teriyaki stir-fry with red peppers, squash, zucchini, chicken, onions and snap peas with white rice. The zucchini and squash went perfectly with the chicken and teriyaki sauce, and the onions gave necessary flavor to the dish. Each bite was a perfect combination of veggies, chicken and rice.

For lunch, Sake-Tumi also offers five sushi options, including California rolls, Philadelphia rolls and a veggie futomaki. Customers can also choose from pad thai, cashew chicken and a bento box that consists of shrimp shumai, four pieces of a California roll, jasmine rice and teriyaki mixed vegetable with a choice of chicken, shrimp or tofu.

Lunchtime seemed to be too early for dessert at Sake-Tumi, because the menu lacked options for those with a sweet tooth. However, if you’re looking for a dessert option with your meal this Restaurant Week, check out their dinner menu, which consists of tempura brownie bite, mochi ice cream or, for an extra $2, a glass of wine. If you’re looking for more options from the restaurant in addition to a dessert course, their Restaurant Week dinner menu consists of a $20 meal that includes appetizers, sushi entrees and additional kitchen entrees including miso ramen.