Spotify "Sunflower" by Rex Orange County

Spring is officially here! While the sun begins to shine and the weather warms up, here are some upbeat, feel-good songs to kick the season off and motivate us to make the most of our time left on campus.

“Sunflower” — Rex Orange County

British singer-songwriter Alexander O’Connor, better known as Rex Orange County, gives us the confidence we need in this heartwarming song he wrote about his girlfriend. Throughout it, O’Connor describes his insecurities and how his loved one helped him to overcome them. In the chorus, he says, “Sunflower still grows at night / Waiting for a minute till the sun’s seen through my eyes.” This means that even at our lowest and darkest moments, we are still growing and working toward the moment we will flourish. The dark, cold days of winter are gone and, like the sunflower, we worked hard and grew. Now that it’s spring, the sun is finally out and it is our time to shine!

“New Shoes” — Paolo Nutini

This is a song about a new beginning. Paolo Nutini is a Scottish singer-songwriter who released this song as a single from his debut album, “These Streets,” in 2007. The song itself describes someone who woke up feeling sick and had no motivation until he slipped on a brand-new pair of shoes that gave him a new, optimistic perspective on life. Coming back to school after spring break can feel like a new beginning as we’re rested up and energized to work harder. Plus, the snow melting means we can put away the snow boots and finally take out those new sandals and sneakers.

“New Light” — John Mayer

While the lyrics talk about getting a loved one to see you in a different way, the smooth groove gives off a chill, nostalgic ’80s disco vibe that will have you dancing on your walk to class. This is a great song to listen to while walking around campus on a nice, sunny day. Also, do yourself a favor and watch the music video. According to a tweet Mayer posted in May of 2018, his producers argued about the budget, so he went out and filmed it with “a company that usually does birthday and Bar Mitzvah videos.” It’s sure to put a smile on your face.

“Grow” — HOAX

HOAX is an indie-pop band from Long Island that’s noted for its diversity, as its members come from Indian, Puerto Rican, Haitian, Ecuadorian, Irish and Italian descents. In their latest single, “Grow,” they encourage a friend to stop waiting around for someone to help them and face the world with all the confidence they have. Similar to “Sunflower” by Rex Orange County, this song is about facing your insecurities and gaining the courage to put yourself out there. Hopefully, this message can motivate you to finally talk to a professor you wanted to bond with or apply for that summer internship you’ve been hesitant to apply for.

“yours” — Greyson Chance

After a three-year hiatus, singer-songwriter Greyson Chance came back into the music scene by releasing his album “portraits” on March 15. “yours” is his latest single, with a music video that came out this past Thursday. Chance entered the spotlight in 2010 when his cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” went viral. This led to Ellen DeGeneres signing him onto her record label when he was only 12 years old. Now, he is 21 and unrecognizable in his new sound. “yours” is an upbeat celebration of love that gives us hope for the future and what it may bring.