From convocation to Last Call BU, there are some things we’ll really miss about Bing when we all graduate. Any senior will tell you that these seven things are a must-do as a student at Binghamton University. Make sure you try them out.

7. Cramming into Raz’s cab with 20 other people

Getting into Raz’s cab is an experience, and not a pleasant one. Not only does it ruin your hair (ladies) and make you nauseous, it’s incredibly awkward. But it’s a necessary part of the Binghamton experience, so do it. Also, you can’t beat $3 cabs. Packed taxis are the best places to make new, random friends. Everyone’s drunk and outgoing. It’s always a good time.

6. The Blake

Since the majority of our school flocks to upstate New York from their beloved Long Island, all we hear about are its amazing beaches. The Blake may not compare to Jones Beach, but it’s a hidden treasure of 81 South. The Blake is a beach/lake combo located in Nathaniel Cole Park in Harpursville. Sure, the water may not be swimmable, but we all want to get our tan on, and this is just the place.

5. Going out after midnight

No other school starts pregaming at 11 p.m. and is black-out drunk by 11:30. Most schools start drinking at 8 p.m., which is before we’ve even thought about our evening plans. We also inevitably feel rushed to be wasted before the bars, and take shots back-to-back to make up for it. Going out past midnight means getting Downtown right as the bars are filling up. It’s a beautiful time.

4. The restaurant mainstays

Penne a la vodka at Lost Dog, a slice of pizza from Mario’s, a recovery breakfast at the Plaza Diner or a vegetable medley from Whole in the Wall. We’ll miss it all. When a craving hits and you’re 200 miles away from any of these places, you’re out of luck. So ask your parents to put money on your debit card instead of your meal plan and stop by these restaurants.

3. Oktoberfest

We all know that Binghamton’s weather is difficult. But if you ask anyone, they’ll tell you that fall is a beautiful time to be in Binghamton. Watching the leaves change colors throughout October is always a highlight of the semester. Plus, you can also enjoy apple picking and trips to the Cider Mill. If you didn’t know either of these things existed in Binghamton, you need to get on that.

2. Wegmans, aka Heaven

For those of you not from upstate New York, you may have the misconception that upstate has no businesses that are better than the oh-so-precious Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. While both chains are amazing, there is a reason Wegmans was voted among the best supermarkets by readers of Consumer Reports, and that’s because it’s sent from God. From the free samples to the bulk food candy aisle to the luscious fresh produce — you simply can’t beat it. Wegmans is across from the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City. It’s a beautiful place.

1. Binghamton’s special “holidays”

We may not have a football team to tailgate for or ivy-covered buildings, but we sure do take a lot of pride in our annual Parade Day and Bar Crawl celebrations. Parade Day is a day-drinker’s wet dream, a day they look forward to for 364 days a year. And Bar Crawl is the closure to the end of a school year for some, and the end of a college experience for others. Regardless, you’ll have a great time at both celebrations. In addition, Halloween weekend here is always insane. State Street becomes a weird, drunken costume masquerade and it’s awesome. No one does yearly traditions like BU.