Joe Strummer

In the following weeks, Bearcats will be suiting up, dusting off their résumés and heading to the Mandela Room to brave one of the most harrowing rituals of the college job search: the career fair. No matter how prepared you are, you’re bound to feel nervous before breaking the ice with potential employers. As you rush from class to the Union to get a brief survey of the fair during your lunch break, bump our playlist for an extra boost of confidence.

“Busy Earnin’” — Jungle

You might recognize this song by UK collective Jungle from its use in television shows and commercials. With its infectious hook and bright energy, the upbeat neo soul dance track seems tailor-made for a grand entrance. It’s sure to put a bounce in your step as you enter the fair.

“Werkin’ Girls” — Angel Haze

If you’re not as prepared for the fair as you’d like to be, the clever and confident flow of rapper Angel Haze will ease your worries. Lyrics like “Money and more money is the only shit I’m after” will motivate you to proudly flaunt your accomplishments, or at least to fake it ‘till you make it.

“Career Opportunities” — The Clash

Many fair-goers, humanities students especially, are left feeling cynical about a lack of opportunities in the job market. If you’re worried about career prospects, this snarky song about England’s socioeconomic climate in the late ’70s will reflect your sentiments. You’ll be rest assured knowing that if your resume doesn’t cut it, you can always “make tea at the BBC.”

“Suit and Tie” — Justin Timberlake

Even if you haven’t heard this chart-topper since the height of its popularity in 2013, it might strike a chord as you put on that blazer while getting ready in the morning. Timberlake’s smooth vocals will motivate you to put your best foot forward, even if said foot is stuffed uncomfortably into a dress shoe you haven’t worn since prom.

“Money, Money, Money” — ABBA

Fresh off the success of the film “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” Swedish ’70s pop giant ABBA seems to be making a comeback among college students. This song, which laments the struggles of getting by in a “rich man’s world,” was originally inspired by the movie “Cabaret.” If you need to remind yourself what’s at stake before heading to the fair, this a great choice.

“Welcome to the Machine” — Pink Floyd

Whether you succeed at the fair or not, the prospect of entering the workforce can be harrowing. If you’re dreading your impending assimilation into the “machine,” the ominous stylings of Pink Floyd will suit your mood.

“Let’s Work” — Prince

This funky song was inspired by a dance craze popular among Minneapolis teens in the early ’80s. It’s the perfect tune to channel Prince’s swagger and energy as you enter the Mandela Room, or to celebrate and look excitedly toward the future after making some promising connections.