Shutterstock This fashion-forward business casual look is perfect to wear at any of the job and internship fairs this semester.

With one job and internship fair down and three to go, it’s important to dress to impress. Prepare for the upcoming fairs by looking your sharpest with a professional appearance while still sticking to your favorite fashion trends. Make a strong impression in these business casual looks that will make you feel your most confident while being comfortable.

The night before the fair, make sure you choose an outfit so you aren’t rushing in the morning. If you wait until the last minute, you will feel disheveled and frantic, which is not a feeling you will want to have before walking into a room full of future employers. It’s also important to make sure your clothing fits you well in all the right places. Your confidence will be much higher if you’re not constantly having to fidget with your shirt falling off your shoulders or pulling down your pants that are too short.

The business casual genre has so many potential options to offer, including a skirt and blouse, dress pants and blouse, pantsuit or a dress with a blazer or cardigan for women. For men, you can choose from a jacket, sport coat or vest and pair it with dress pants or khakis. A button-down shirt is imperative and it’s best to stick with the neutral-tone rule, but you can add a pop of color with your choice of tie. Finish off your outfit with a belt that matches your dress shoes to pull the whole look together.

It’s best to stay away from flashy colors and patterns and to stick with neutral tones for a professional appearance. You can easily give a basic neutral-toned pantsuit a pop of color by accessorizing with a necklace or bracelet. Even though it’s best to stay away from bright tones as the full outfit, a splash of color can make you stand out from others.

When picking a blouse for either a mid-length skirt or properly fitting dress pants, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Choose blouses with neutral tones, such as blue, pale pink, black, gray or tan. If you choose a black blouse, then make sure your blazer or skirt has a different color in it to avoid a monochromatic outfit. It’s acceptable to choose a blouse with some color, as long as the rest of your outfit isn’t bright as well.

If the blouse has buttons, even if it sounds like common sense, make sure they are all buttoned to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Also, it’s important to make sure the blouse is not see-through, and if it is, then it’s best to choose a different blouse or wear a camisole underneath.

If you choose to wear a dress or skirt, make sure it’s mid-length and comes up to right above your knees or below them. If you are unsure if the article of clothing is too short, then it’s probably safe to assume that you shouldn’t wear it. If you would wear the skirt out to a club, then it definitely isn’t acceptable for a job and internship fair.

It’s important to dress conservatively, so always have a cardigan prepared, especially during Binghamton’s winter season. A cardigan or blazer is perfect for a dress without sleeves to protect yourself from the cold or to make any outfit more professional.

The outfit isn’t complete without comfortable flats or low heels. If your shoes are uncomfortable, then you will be in pain throughout the fair and you won’t feel as confident as you could have. Make sure to have a pair of comfortable dress shoes cleaned and without scuffs.