BTV has had a rough time getting back on its feet. The organization recently had its budget cut to $1,000 for the 2012-13 school year, and its programming schedule is empty. Enter “The Binghamton Bro Code,” the first TV series the station has produced in over a year. The show is coming to Channel 6, and is premiering at 8 p.m. Wednesday in Lecture Hall 8. More than 100 students are expected to attend, so what exactly are they going to see?

Each episode of “Bro Code” features skits and interviews based on the code every bro should adhere to. The show deals with social issues like getting a girl’s bra off when drunk and the length of time you should stay in bed after sex. You know, the important stuff.

Jokes aside, the show is relatable and entertaining for Binghamton University students, even if basing a series on Barney Stinson’s set of life rules isn’t incredibly original. It’s just good to see BTV up and running again.

Esther Lenderman, the creator of “Bro Code,” said the idea for the series came to her out of nowhere.

“I was given the ‘Bro Code’ as a gift, and it seemed like the right thing to do,” said Lenderman, a sophomore majoring in cinema. “BTV has been very accommodating. If you have an idea, you can do it.”

Patrick Schechter, the show’s cameraman and editor, hopes that “Bro Code” will inspire more students to get involved at BTV as well.

“We all wanted to get involved in a project,” said Schechter, a sophomore double-majoring in cinema and psychology. “We were three random people who’ve never talked before. BTV is easy to approach. All you need is the desire to start a show.”

Check out “Bro Code” at its Facebook page or search it on YouTube to check out a preview of the series. Its Wednesday premiere is free, and food will be served. Stop by and indulge in your inner bro. Based on the way things are going, BTV could be back on the rise.