Considering the construction and general chaos leading up to this year’s Spring Fling, many students were worried about how the day would unfold. Despite the relocation to the Peace Quad and the concert being both indoors and not free, students were pleased with Passion Pit’s performance as this year’s headliner.
It was announced on March 22 that the indie band would be performing at Spring Fling, satisfying students who are into dubstep and more mainstream groups, as well as other students who gravitate toward alternative bands. Passion Pit performed with the Cataracs and Timeflies.
While some students had never heard of Passion Pit, those who knew how talented the group is were extremely excited when the news broke. Steve Saltz, a freshman majoring in geography, has been listening to the band for years.
“At first I was really into their original LP,” Saltz said. “But their EP sounds more complete. I don’t know anything about the Cataracs. I’m coming here for Passion Pit.”
The students who knew Passion Pit weren’t discouraged by the fact that the concert was moved indoors, like Lory Martinez, a sophomore majoring in English.
“Me and my roommate dance to their music every morning,” Martinez said. “They have a great vibe. Next week we have finals, so this is great relief. It doesn’t matter that it’s inside, I’m going to be in the front.”
Timeflies hit the stage at 8:05 p.m., remixing songs like “Carry On My Wayward Son” and “Under The Sea.” The Cataracs performed from 9:05 to 9:40 p.m., and performed their own dubstep hits like “Bass Down Low.” Both shows were met with a smaller audience, as many students arrived late to the show.
Dena Wilson, a sophomore majoring in accounting, thought the openers could have been better.
“I thought the Cataracs sucked,” Wilson said. “Since when has it been two guys? What happened to Dev?”
Though it seemed like Timeflies’ performance lasted forever, they concluded their set with a freestyle rap about Binghamton, based on a list of topics given to them by Catherine Cornell, Student Association vice president for programming. Cal Shapiro, the group’s lead member, freestyled about Ryan Vaughan, Rasa, scorpion bowls and Pipe Dream. At least he knows what’s important to our students.
While both opening acts were met with a semi-positive reaction, it was Passion Pit who seriously impressed. Komal Shah, a sophomore majoring in biology, enjoyed every minute.
“I only knew a few songs so I didn’t consider myself a full-on fan, but I was thoroughly entertained the whole time,” Shah said. “The singer was so cool. He had great stage presence.”
The band performed its most popular songs, including “Little Secrets” and “The Reeling,” as well as new material from its upcoming album titled “Gossamer,” like the single “Take a Walk.” It was a varied and well-rounded set. Students bounced Alumni Association beach balls around and fist pumped the entire time. As far as Spring Flings go, we’ve definitely done worse.