The Binghamton brain behind Showtime’s hits

By Jami Ganz -

We can thank Levine for the last seventeen years of great TV. At Showtime, Levine has served as the executive vice president of original programming since 2001, a role similar to his former positions as the head of drama at...

BTV’s new season is making headlines

By Lindsey Klein -

Following a series of jokes, each episode features guest appearances, typically from people with something to promote to those watching. However, as the show continues to grow, Shapiro plans to bring on such guests as administrators, professors and other people...

When there’s no equal, but you still want a sequel

By Katie Kravat -

Today, we look forward to other much-awaited returns including that of dynamic duo Lloyd and Harry (Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels) in “Dumb and Dumber To,” Harrison Ford’s return as famed hero Han Solo in “Star Wars Episode VII,” and yes,...

Marvel at TV’s best heroes

By Rich Kersting -

While it may not be the first time some of these heroes have made television, their contemporary iterations are a part of an effort to produce corresponding superhero fiction in a market that just can’t seem to get enough of...

Amazon’s new television show is prime

By Rich Kersting -

“Transparent” demonstrates the similarities we share through our diversity and how, through a little introspection, we can all find acceptance for others.

Nick Offerman takes the stage for Family Weekend

By Jacob Shamsian -

Offerman’s philosophy of life is to “paddle your own canoe” (also the title of his book), which means to be self-sufficient. Before he could make a living as an actor, Offerman used his tools to build things, and continues to...

American Horror Story, freaks no more

By Katie Kravat -

Mars is the leader of her very own circus troupe; she gives them a home in the hopes that her “collection” will help launch her to stardom.

When it came to showbusiness, Joan knew best

By Rich Kersting -

Rivers was the manifestation of all our self-loathing. Of our feelings of inadequacy and our desires to change. She was the one who reminded us that we were imperfect.