Marvel at TV’s best heroes

By Rich Kersting -

While it may not be the first time some of these heroes have made television, their contemporary iterations are a part of an effort to produce corresponding superhero fiction in a market that just can’t seem to get enough of...

Amazon’s new television show is prime

By Rich Kersting -

“Transparent” demonstrates the similarities we share through our diversity and how, through a little introspection, we can all find acceptance for others.

Nick Offerman takes the stage for Family Weekend

By Jacob Shamsian -

Offerman’s philosophy of life is to “paddle your own canoe” (also the title of his book), which means to be self-sufficient. Before he could make a living as an actor, Offerman used his tools to build things, and continues to...

American Horror Story, freaks no more

By Katie Kravat -

Mars is the leader of her very own circus troupe; she gives them a home in the hopes that her “collection” will help launch her to stardom.

When it came to showbusiness, Joan knew best

By Rich Kersting -

Rivers was the manifestation of all our self-loathing. Of our feelings of inadequacy and our desires to change. She was the one who reminded us that we were imperfect.