‘God of Carnage’ raises hell in Studio A

By Shauna Bahssin -

Every innocent subject the sets of parents talk about, ranging from family pets to art history, gives way to the means of racism, misogyny and homophobia with complete disregard for what may or may not be socially correct.

BU’s theatre department announces 2015-2016 mainstage season

By Katie Shafsky -

The lights are down and the curtain is up on the Binghamton University theatre department’s 2015-2016 mainstage season. The four shows — “God of Carnage,” “Spring Awakening,” “Dancing at Lughnasa” and “Hamlet” — were announced last Monday after deliberation by...

Binghamton University stages ‘Orpheus’

By Odeya Pinkus -

While the story of Orpheus stayed true to the original, the setting was different. Here, the audience was transported to a village in Africa.

HPC asks tough questions in a ‘Trial of God’

By Haralambos Kasapidis -

The wanderers, who were unaware that the innkeeper and his daughter are the only Jews left in the village, stage a trial against God, where He is the defendant and must answer why he has allowed the slaughter of Jews...