It’s astounding, time is fleeting

By Jami Ganz -

Rotating between actors, the cast continually engaged with the audience by running around and through the aisles, simulating Dr. Frank N. Furter’s numerous trysts through a sheet and helping the audience to dance “The Time Warp.”

Bing alum gives hope to theater majors

By Samuel Titus -

Hurd has a strong connection to the school and wanted to reach out to students to provide some insider knowledge. Joined by Jennifer Sanchez, an actress and an understudy for several roles in “Turn Off The Dark,” the two hosted...

‘Almost, Maine’ is entirely worth watching

By Joseph Barberio -

Because of the nature of the play, many of the actors had to perform several characters across different scenes. According to cast member Sydney Fusto, a senior majoring in history, this proved to be difficult, but was ultimately a rewarding...

‘Blood Brothers’ separated at birth and reunited in song

By Rich Kersting -

While largely unknown in America, Willy Russell’s cult classic musical “Blood Brothers” is one of the most successful musical productions in the history of London’s West End. Now, the play comes to the Hinman Production Company stage. “Blood Brothers” is...

‘Anne Boleyn’ tells an old story in new words

By Anna Szilagyi -

Ghosts, drama, sex and comedy illuminated Watters Theater on Friday, during the opening night of “Anne Boleyn.” Set in the court of Henry VIII in England, the play centers on the controversial queen and takes a modern approach to an...

A night of glamour, glitz and candy at RPU drag show

By Rich Kersting -

RPU contributed $1 from every ticket sold to the Southern Tier AIDS Program, raising over $200. The attendance of this year’s show was higher than any show of which RPU has a record.