Binghamton turns down, Empire Fest turns up

By Rich Kersting -

“We’re trying to show people that if you want something to happen, we’re going to make it happen,” he said. “This festival is here to celebrate the city of Binghamton.” – Christian Randell, festival promoter

‘Anything goes’ at Tony Bennett concert

By Rich Kersting -

Performing a set of over 20 songs, including cultural classics known by everyone and their grandmothers, Bennett crooned, and Binghamton swooned.

WHRW blasts off to Spacefest and beyond

By Chloe Rehfield -

Why throw away your savings on tickets to Ultra or E-Zoo when you can get your dose of electronic dance music for free? On Thursday night, the WHRW 90.5 FM Space department hosted a music and arts festival called Spacefest...

Funkophiles win Battle to open Spring Fling concert

By Katie Shafsky -

The battle was fought and funk emerged victorious. On Saturday night, The Funkophiles won this year’s Battle of the Bands, making them the opening act for the Spring Fling concert this weekend. The Funkophiles are a seven-piece band that was...

NGHBRS plays at Mandela Room for diabetes awareness

By Katie Shafsky -

Described by Vivelo as “aggressive rock,” NGHBRS started its set with lead singer and keyboardist Ian Kenny singing into a megaphone, while students cheered and danced along with the music.

24 hours of music and debauchery at WHRW

By Emily Mancini -

Student station members began to take out their energy by racing around the New University Union basement in the large blue mail bins, nearly careening into the Pipe Dream newsstands and sending each other flying into the concrete walls.