‘Birdman’ earns its wings

By Patrick Hao -

When you listen to a great jazz ensemble, there is a constant rhythm pulsating through the entire audience. The musicians come together, each bringing their own unique flair. You cannot tell whether or not each beat was measured to the...

‘Big Hero 6′ is just another animated product

By Patrick Hao -

There are Hispanic, Asian and African American characters, but so little time is devoted to those supporting roles that they might as well be token friends on a checklist.

It’s astounding, time is fleeting

By Jami Ganz -

Rotating between actors, the cast continually engaged with the audience by running around and through the aisles, simulating Dr. Frank N. Furter’s numerous trysts through a sheet and helping the audience to dance “The Time Warp.”

Don’t settle for just ‘Saw’

By Katie Dowd -

It was the perfect climate for horror films to flourish and it’s no coincidence that some of the best and most popular German Expressionist films were such.

Marvel at TV’s best heroes

By Rich Kersting -

While it may not be the first time some of these heroes have made television, their contemporary iterations are a part of an effort to produce corresponding superhero fiction in a market that just can’t seem to get enough of...

Harpur Cinema starts rolling, slowly

By Paige Gittelman -

Its lack of variety in pacing or in including other kinds of shots made the narrative fall flat, and the movie feel like one where nothing was moving, both literally and figuratively.