Football movies to get you in the spirit

By Katie Shafsky -

Watching “The Blind Side,” the biopic about Carolina Panthers’ offensive tackle Michael Oher, before Super Bowl 50 is a must.

Beat the cold and cozy up to these holiday movies

By Mckenzie Delisle -

If you’re upset about not having a TV or cable to view ABC family’s “25 Days of Christmas,” check out Amazon Prime Instant Video for the short and sweet classics like “Frosty’s Winter Wonderland” and “Santa Claus is Comin’ to...

Dive into a new dystopian book series

By Mckenzie Delisle -

In terms of up and coming fantasy series, Victoria Aveyard’s “Red Queen” has grown in popularity since its release last winter and has sparked rumors of a movie production in the near future.

Matt Damon shows humanity in ‘The Martian’

By Deanna Shiverick -

While you sit there in the theater, you can look on as he grows plants on Mars — using his own feces as a fertilizer — in addition to providing water for himself and powering through his solitude.

Harpur Cinema brings global film perspective to BU

By Stephanie Kirincic -

Started during the 1965-1966 school year as the Harpur Film Society, the group’s annual screenings have brought a variety of international, independent and historical films to Binghamton University’s campus.

J. Hoberman: Once a film student, now living the dream life

By Jacob Shamsian -

He’s taught film at Harvard, New York University and Cooper Union. In a list of the best movie critics of all time, Complex listed him at number five, writing, “Simply put, there’s no greater living film essayist than James Lewis...

In his new documentary, a BU student’s vision emerges

By Jonathan Ortiz -

Although the film’s primary purpose is to promote Gbemi’s novel, the depth to which the documentarian investigates the Black experience in the United States lends “Emerge” the authority to stand alone as a powerful social commentary.