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She ain’t afraid of no ghost

By Rich Kersting -

Since its inception, the image of “Ghostbusters” has never been this challenged, and the success or failure of this movie could very well mean the life or death of this franchise.

2014 in Review

By Release Staff -

The thing with years is that they mean something different for everyone. Sometimes they’re the culmination of waiting 12 years for “Boyhood” to be finished and beloved, and sometimes they’re the ending of “How I Met Your Mother.” Here’s what...

Take a shot at these holiday movie drinking games

By Jami Ganz -

“The Santa Clause” — For the purposes of this game, we are acknowledging only the original 1994 “Santa Clause.” This movie’s as old as all of the sophomores who still can’t legally participate in this.

‘Birdman’ earns its wings

By Patrick Hao -

When you listen to a great jazz ensemble, there is a constant rhythm pulsating through the entire audience. The musicians come together, each bringing their own unique flair. You cannot tell whether or not each beat was measured to the...

‘Big Hero 6′ is just another animated product

By Patrick Hao -

There are Hispanic, Asian and African American characters, but so little time is devoted to those supporting roles that they might as well be token friends on a checklist.

It’s astounding, time is fleeting

By Jami Ganz -

Rotating between actors, the cast continually engaged with the audience by running around and through the aisles, simulating Dr. Frank N. Furter’s numerous trysts through a sheet and helping the audience to dance “The Time Warp.”