A night of glamour, glitz and candy at RPU drag show

By Rich Kersting -

RPU contributed $1 from every ticket sold to the Southern Tier AIDS Program, raising over $200. The attendance of this year’s show was higher than any show of which RPU has a record.

Languages need not be foreign

By Samantha Steiner -

Instead of the traditional routes to learning a new language, like joining a club or spending a semester abroad, try some of these quick approaches to a more worldly vocabulary.

5 campus groups that teach marketable skills

By James Scott -

Luckily, we attend a university with a large assortment of groups willing to teach us these skills without the labor of a class and the cost of a textbook.

5 things people won’t care about for long

By Odeya Pinkus -

In the same fashion that the Roman Empire declined, these fads become yesterday’s news and fall to the bottom of the pop culture hierarchy.

How to succeed as an introvert in college

By Jacob Shamsian -

If you feel like the world is run by extroverts who think you’re doing everything wrong, stop that right now. Succeeding as an introvert in college isn’t hard at all.

5 themed party ideas to light up your spring

By Anna Szilagyi -

With an original theme, accompanying playlist and special drinks to boot, you can transform any house party and revitalize your nightlife for the rest of spring semester.