Sorcerer enchants Late Nite audience

By Paige Gittelman -

Perhaps the most frightening display of all was when Meyers levitated a seemingly normal table and moved it, in such a state, freely about the stage.

Spike Lee talks college, race and filmmaking

By Jacob Shamsian -

“And that’s when it hit me, that I’m going to tell hopefully truthful stories about African American existence in this country,” Lee said.

Shop at Aldi on all days

By Evy Pitt-Stoller -

There are a couple of things you should be aware of before beginning your long and fruitful relationship with this supermarket Parthenon. First, it’s BYOB (as in bring your own bag).

Should you hold the door? A precise equation

By Odeya Pinkus -

Let X be the number of feet that the student is away from the door. One foot away? What are you going to do, shove it in their face? You monster.

Catch your campus cutie

By Katie Shafsky and Odeya Pinkus -

Try winking at them in class, or in the dining hall or maybe pass them a cute note, middle school style.

It’s okay to be single

By Anna Szilagyi -

Donna and Tom from “Parks and Recreation” had the right idea when they created a whole holiday to “treat yo self.”

Valentine’s Day date ideas

By Ariel Taub -

Check out the Bundy Museum, a home that’s been transformed into a beautiful art gallery with low admission prices for students