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Blackberry Classic is more like an antique

By pipelinehelper -

The Classic is an old dog with the same old tricks and, while the company would like to make old seem new again, it just doesn’t have the power to keep up with other phones on the market.

4 students on the study abroad experience

By Jami Ganz -

From England to New Zealand and everywhere in between, jetsetters from Binghamton University are starting to make their mark on the world at large.

2014 in Review

By Release Staff -

The thing with years is that they mean something different for everyone. Sometimes they’re the culmination of waiting 12 years for “Boyhood” to be finished and beloved, and sometimes they’re the ending of “How I Met Your Mother.” Here’s what...

New Years resolutions for Binghamton University

By Evy Pitt-Stoller -

As the clock tower strikes midnight on Jan. 1, 2015, we urge the administration to check out this list of sample resolutions, and to start thinking about the future.

The right way to study for finals in the library

By Odeya Pinkus -

There are plenty of ways to make finals week a fun and educational experience. As an early Christmas present, here are Release’s tips to a fun week of exams.

Take a shot at these holiday movie drinking games

By Jami Ganz -

“The Santa Clause” — For the purposes of this game, we are acknowledging only the original 1994 “Santa Clause.” This movie’s as old as all of the sophomores who still can’t legally participate in this.

A playlist for the best end credits to your semester

By Jami Ganz -

like any intense movie, finals week deserves an intense soundtrack. There’s nothing like finishing your last physics practice problem with the sound of a full orchestra blasting in your ears.

‘Serial’ is solving a mystery, week by week

By Rich Kersting -

Everyone has their own opinions and their own interpretation of the evidence. In a way, every listener is playing the part of an amateur detective ensuring that no stone goes unturned.