Neko Atsume: Gotta ‘Cat’ch em’ all

By Chloe Rehfield -

Similar to Schrodinger’s Cat, what looms — or doesn’t loom — is a mystery. So why is the sight of a virtual cat so satisfying?

‘Bloodbourne’ is contagiously thrilling

By Rich Kersting -

When you come to this city, you’re met by a populace that has fallen victim to a vicious bloodborne disease that has essentially robbed them of their humanity.

The horror movie you can be a part of

By Rich Kersting -

The game moves on when you find the anomalies and focus on them, be a banging door or a fridge swinging violently from a ceiling. It’s a cruel mechanism, often requiring you to stare at the scariest thing in the...

One game to rule them all: Shadow of Mordor

By Rich Kersting -

While “Shadow of Mordor” follows a fixed story, it’s not a linear-action game. The world is open for you to explore and, while it won’t take you too long to traverse the map, the game does an excellent job at...

Super Smash Bros. is absolutely smashing

By Adrian Bauza -

In its latest installment, we get an experience similar to “Brawl,” the previous iteration of the game, but still fresh enough to keep veteran players interested.

Gaming nostalgia, now on your phone

By Rich Kersting -

While emulation isn’t a new concept, the iPhone app “GBA4iOS” is one of the first emulators to work on iOS that hasn’t been “jailbroken”