Gaming nostalgia, now on your phone

By Rich Kersting -

While emulation isn’t a new concept, the iPhone app “GBA4iOS” is one of the first emulators to work on iOS that hasn’t been “jailbroken”

Mourn the death of ‘Flappy Bird’ with these 6 games

By Rich Kersting -

Through your encounters with several mysteriously creepy characters, you’ll solve a series of puzzles that further immerses you into the dark mythological world of this eerie horror adventure.

Pokemon breaks the internet

By Odeya Pinkus -

When solving problems, people often say that two heads are better than one. So does the same count for three? Four? How about 100,000? Welcome to the new online phenomenon “Twitch Plays Pokémon,” a network that brings a whole new...

2013 in review

By Release Staff -

The year is almost over, and to honor its highs and commemorate its lows, Release writers spoke out about the pop culture moments that impacted them most.

PS4 vs. Xbox One

By Geoffrey Wilson -

Each system boasts an extensive lineup of games both at launch and within the launch window, which lasts until March 2014.