Restaurant Week Spring 2015: Water Street Brewing Co.

By Franz Lino and Nicolas Vega -

The rice and beans were perhaps a little bland. Our recommendation: Take a bite of the taco, a bite of rice and beans and then wash it all down with the Hefeweizen once you’ve swallowed.

Restaurant Week Spring 2015: The Shop

By Carla Sinclair -

For dessert, I got a lemon sugar crepe that filled the large plate entirely, and had an aesthetically and palate-pleasing honey whipped cream adorning the side.

Restaurant Week Spring 2015: On the Roxx Bar & Grill

By Erin Rosenblum -

The cuisine could be described as American-contemporary, with clear Italian influence. From the homemade gnocchi to the succulent stuffed pork loin, the layers of flavor are complex and the portions substantial.

Restaurant Week Spring 2015: Taste of Europe

By Odeya Pinkus -

So many of the numerous dinner options here come with pierogi, and if you don’t take advantage of this special dish, you really are missing out.

Restaurant Week Spring 2015: Thai Time

By Ariel Taub -

A highlight of the meal was the dessert. The cheesecake spring roll was a treat. Reminiscent of a blintz, a Jewish delicacy, the dessert was hot, fried, crispy, creamy, sweet and paired with vanilla ice cream.

Restaurant Week Spring 2015: Czech Pleeze

By Evy Pitt-Stoller -

Czech Pleeze is known throughout Binghamton for its delectable desserts, often rousing round-the-block lines and sold-out menus within weeks of the start of the holiday season.

Restaurant Week Spring 2015: Sake-Tumi

By E.Jay Zarett -

From the beginning, the service was top-notch. My partner in crime, Emma, and I were greeted almost instantaneously by a friendly hostess and we were seated within seconds of entering the building.