Restaurant week Fall 2014: Binghamton Hots

By Rich Kersting -

To begin, you’re entitled to an appetizer of golden squash and corn soup with white beans, apple walnut salad or turkey chili.

Restaurant week Fall 2014: Cortese

By Kayla Harris -

For Restaurant Week, my personal favorite is the Parmesan Sampler, which includes chicken, eggplant and pasta all smothered in delicious red sauce and tons of cheese, because everything is better when it’s covered in cheese.

Restaurant week Fall 2014: House of Reardon

By Evy Pitt-Stoller -

House of Reardon is one of a kind in its customer service; all of the employees are on a mission to make their customers feel at home and have a great time.

Restaurant week Fall 2014: Social on State

By Erin Rosenblum -

It’s the unexpected details and unique ingredient combinations in classic dishes that makes Social a worthwhile spot to choose this Restaurant Week.

Restaurant week Fall 2014: Chroma Cafe & Bakery

By Emily Mancini -

Chroma’s lunch menu is loaded with delicious sandwiches made with fresh-baked bread and other bakery-favorites, such as Latin-inspired empanadas.

Restaurant week Fall 2014: Remlik’s

By Rachel Bluth -

You can tell that this is a nice place because instead of getting a bread basket (so plebeian), you get garlic knots. It was thrilling.