Getting laid and robbing banks in ‘Sex Criminals’

By Rich Kersting -

Walk into any comic book store and you’ll see the walls adorned with copies of the latest issue of “Batman,” “Superman” and “The Avengers.” And while comics are generally science fiction or fantasy, there’s more to the medium than just...

WHRW blasts off to Spacefest and beyond

By Chloe Rehfield -

Why throw away your savings on tickets to Ultra or E-Zoo when you can get your dose of electronic dance music for free? On Thursday night, the WHRW 90.5 FM Space department hosted a music and arts festival called Spacefest...

7 deadly sins, 1 incredible show

By Rich Kersting -

The performance featured a combination of unique dance styles, including modern, lyrical and hip-hop.

2013 in review

By Release Staff -

The year is almost over, and to honor its highs and commemorate its lows, Release writers spoke out about the pop culture moments that impacted them most.

Picture perfect night at First Friday show

By Katie Kravat -

Jungle Science Gallery and Art Laboratories featured the work of Binghamton University students with the “Fills and Strokes” showcase for graphic design and “Between Light and Dark” showcase for photography.

Ink that tells a story

By Odeya Pinkus -

Whether we’re inked or not, we pass people with tattoos every day, not realizing that almost every piece was thought over, designed carefully and holds great meaning to the person who has it.