Satisfy your hunger for Asian cuisine in Binghamton

The meals you should order at a few of the finest restaurants in the Southern Tier

Asian cuisine is amazing. Noodles, curry, stir-fry, rice, crisp vegetables — the list goes on. It’s time to stop throwing your money at Mein Bowl and try some authentic grub at the Southern Tier’s Asian restaurants while supporting local businesses. Here are the finest Asian restaurants you can get in the Binghamton area, rated out of five stars.


Lemongrass Kitchen, 1550 Vestal Parkway East — This Thai restaurant is a great value with great taste. The entrees are more than shareable — one main dish lasts one person about three meals. The pad Thai boasts deliciously thick noodles. The Hawaiian mango chicken and yellow curry are also excellent choices. If you still need enticing, there is a coupon for Lemongrass in the Campus Special booklet!

Rating: ****

Ebishura, University Plaza — Half-priced sushi on Mondays at this closer-than-close Japanese spot has never been a secret, and it’s always completely worth it. You can order off the menu and grab plates of sushi, seaweed salad or mussels, among other choices. Plates are priced by color and are perfect for munching while you wait for your custom rolls or dishes. My favorites are the Alaska, sweet potato tempura and crab tempura. Go at off-peak hours and you won’t have to wait long.

Rating: ****1/2

Nhu Y, 3701 Vestal Parkway East — Pho is an option that many people don’t often think of first, but it’s not something to miss out on. This tiny Vietnamese restaurant is cash-only, but very reasonably priced. A steaming bowl of roasted duck or fresh fish pho is perfect for the single-digit weather. If you’re feeling extra hungry, try the summer rolls as an appetizer.

Rating: ***1/2

Johnson City

Sabaidee, 36 Jennison Ave. — This Thai place is tucked in Downtown Johnson City, but grab a few friends and make the trip. Most of the entrees are in the $7-$8 range and are extremely tasty. Though the dining room’s ambiance won’t blow your mind, the green curry fried rice and yellow coconut curry with chicken make this out-of-the-way gem rather worth it.

Rating: ****

Phuong Nam Vietnamese Restaurant, 29 Willow St. — Phuong Nam features a mouth-watering selection of Vietnamese food, starting with the beef pho. The broth is complex in a great way — light, but so flavorful. The noodles themselves are perfect, and the whole thing is made even better with fresh bean sprouts. The clay pot salmon is beyond tender with a rich and slightly smoky taste. The spring rolls are also yummy, especially the peanut dipping sauce. Don’t expect leftovers here because you will devour everything.

Rating: ****


Thai Time, 96 Front St. — Everyone knows about Thai Time, but there’s a reason everyone keeps returning: It’s superb. The exposed brick wall contributes to a modern atmosphere, and the place is a popular choice for Binghamton’s young and cool. The Thai iced tea is great. The curry puffs and crispy spring rolls are flawless. The pineapple curry is good but extremely spicy, so ask about dishes before you are forced to chug several aforementioned iced teas as you die of thirst. The fried rice and drunken noodle are also great picks!

Rating: ****1/2