Finals week students we hate in Bartle

The 4 types of students who take over the library during finals week

Finals week at Binghamton University breeds a whole new species of student. We become unrecognizable after holing ourselves up in the dimly lit halls of the library. Jazzman’s coffee cups and paper bags are scattered throughout Glenn G. Bartle Library, as are energy drinks and dining hall to-go boxes. The air becomes nauseatingly stale, and everything starts to smell like BO. For our freshman readers or for those of you who are veterans of the experience, here’s a list of the different types of people you will see in the library this finals week.

The person who camps out: There will consistently be at least one person who stays in Bartle’s North Reading Room for all of finals week. Sure, they leave to take their finals and hopefully use the bathroom, but then they will promptly return to continue their studying in the exact same place. Their diligence and dedication is both inspiring and terrifying, but don’t compare yourself to these types of people — they’re from another planet.

The person who leaves his or her stuff in the same spot, but never shows up to study: There will always be a desk next to you that looks like someone is about to return from a bathroom break, but never actually does. You may never see the owner of those belongings that occupy the only vacant desk on that floor, which can be both frustrating and confusing — frustrating because you were looking for a coveted outlet spot and that person has it, and confusing because you’re not quite sure how, or if, they’re doing any sort of studying. You will wonder whether this mythical person actually exists or is just a figment of your imagination because you’ve been in the library for too long.

The person who prints every single slideshow from this past semester’s lectures: Whoever you are, we hate you. You’re wasting an immense amount of paper, causing printing congestion and potential damages to the printer and you’re just an overall nuisance to people. If you think printing in the Pods is bad during the year, wait until finals comes around.

The sleeping student: Bartle becomes a second dorm for some during finals week. Students sleep on desks, chairs, couches, floors and air mattresses. It’s like one big pajama party, except instead of playing “Never Have I Ever,” you’re trying to understand organic chemistry or the consequences of World War I. But then, maybe a fun round of “Never Have I Ever” would relieve some pressure, so go for it.

Finals week can be draining, but it also fosters a sense of camaraderie and unity in the library. Everyone is there to finish the semester on a strong note, even the people listed above whom we dislike the most. May despising their presence comfort you in this most trying time.