Letter to the Editor: ResLife

We understand the concern about a condensed time period for students — especially freshman — to meet and agree upon roommates. We anticipated this, but believe it is important to align our on-campus process with the off-campus housing timeline.

Letter to the Editor: Professor Price’s solution is incomplete

The “Renounce, divest, and sanction Israel” piece by Professor Price conflates a few separate issues, and then proposes a solution that solves none of them. Professor Price is alleging two primary harms, one acute and one chronic: The acute issue...

Letter to the Editor: Hamas is responsible

Professor Price, if Israel were to lay down its arms today, as you suggest, end the blockade of Gaza, and completely withdraw from the West Bank, there would be genocide against the Jewish people. On the other hand, if Hamas...

Letter to the Editor: Please make responsible choices

By Harvey Stenger -

The start of the fall semester is my favorite time of year. The residence halls are filled with students unpacking what they’ve brought from home, the lecture halls and libraries are humming, and the dining halls are buzzing as students...