Guest Columns

Celebrate senior year by giving

By making a small gift to Binghamton, we are showing that we truly want the University to continue as is, grow and thrive.

EDM festivals fraught with white privilege

The amount of white people with dreads at Electric Forest was astounding. I was prepared to be one of the few people of color at the festival, but I wasn’t prepared to see people steal my culture.

Start a business in college

f your college start-up fails, chances are you won’t be evicted from your home and lose your life savings. If you fail, at least you know you tried in college and gave it your best shot.

Students for Change demands are unfounded

The solutions, or as they would call them, “demands,” that Students for Change proposes, however, are not only counterproductive but are opposed to the ideals of liberalism and free speech upon which Binghamton University rests.

Clean up your act, professors

When a teacher frequently curses, uses derogatory language and makes unnecessarily crass jokes in class, they not only make themselves look unprofessional, they also create a toxic environment in that classroom.

Hold SA candidates accountable to their promises

When these candidates spread false information and lie to student groups about what they can achieve, it damages the SA’s reputation and relationships with the students the SA exists to serve. That’s when I have a problem.

Binghamton is a birthplace of comedy

Because Binghamton is a place that forces us to be creative and connect with each other, we have this amazingly rich history of successful comedians. Harvard, NYU, Chicago, UCLA, Binghamton. It’s insane to me that I can end a list...

The BU server crashed… again

The bottom line is that Binghamton students, professors, staff and employees rely heavily on these systems. It makes no difference if Blackboard crashes while I’m taking a test or if the Wi-Fi is down when I’m trying to look up...