Guest Columns

World travel should be recognized

After traveling non-stop for five months and getting my first real taste of freedom on my semester abroad, my connection with myself and the world around me was at its peak; I never before felt so at peace with the...

Young people’s pessimistic view of politics is deeply misguided

With the upcoming presidential race, much of the focus has centered on ridiculous jargon and scandals. Because of this, young people are more frequently distancing themselves from politics. This is wrong. Not all issues can be solved on the federal...

Don’t forget the queer in LGBTQ

Along with the majority of this country’s population, I received the news of the legalization of same-sex marriage with elation. Yes, the ruling would confer a plurality of tangible benefits to millions of people who, for all accounts, had been...

Guest Column: President Harvey Stenger

By Harvey Stenger -

Embrace the diversity of our campus and broaden your perspectives; it will make your BU experience better and it will open doors for you when you graduate.

Putting skills into practice yields greater perspective

By Tycho McManus -

In contrast to all the time I had spent dealing with the world in abstract through theory and literature, photography forced me to literally focus on the events that were occurring right in front of my eyes.