Guest Columns

Guest Column: President Harvey Stenger

By Harvey Stenger -

Embrace the diversity of our campus and broaden your perspectives; it will make your BU experience better and it will open doors for you when you graduate.

Putting skills into practice yields greater perspective

By Tycho McManus -

In contrast to all the time I had spent dealing with the world in abstract through theory and literature, photography forced me to literally focus on the events that were occurring right in front of my eyes.

Growth doesn’t end at graduation

By Tiffany Moustakas -

On May 17, I won’t leave BU with the confidence and aura of “having it together” as I thought I would four years ago. Instead, I’m leaving that part of myself open for future experiences.

Do what makes you happy every single day

By John Linitz -

Go out for trivia on Wednesday, even though you have a test on Friday. Kiss her until the sun rises, even though you have a part-time job in a couple of hours.

Celebrate senior year by giving

By making a small gift to Binghamton, we are showing that we truly want the University to continue as is, grow and thrive.