Guest Columns

Guest Column: Interfaith trip opens doors

We truly hope that the students who participated in this trip will continue to speak with their new friends and educate others, so that Jews and Muslims alike can continue spreading peace, understanding and friendships on this campus.

Guest Column: Recycling papers isn’t a crime

Multiple submissions are not nearly the breach of ethics that the University seems to think they are. Therefore, maintaining this rule is irresponsible, as it can — and has already — unfairly punish otherwise honest and hardworking students.

Guest Column: Love the University, fear the administration

In my past year as a Student Congress representative, I have witnessed deception and opposition from the administration to common-sense measures that would benefit students. The administration says they want student input, but my experience leads me to believe otherwise.

Guest Column: Don’t gamble with Jewish lives

Unlike most other Zionist campaigners and deriders, I have seen the cost of foolish decisions for peace. I have seen friends and loved ones pay in blood the price of life without peace.

Guest Column: A Zionist call to end the occupation

As both Jews and Israeli citizens, we believe Israel’s long-term interests would be best served by reaching a negotiated solution to the conflict in which the West Bank serves as the basis of the Palestinian state.

Guest Column: Love your body

In light of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Monday, Feb. 24 marks the launch of the health and wellness studies department’s on-campus project, “U R > UR Reflection.”