Guest Columns

Clean up your act, professors

When a teacher frequently curses, uses derogatory language and makes unnecessarily crass jokes in class, they not only make themselves look unprofessional, they also create a toxic environment in that classroom.

Hold SA candidates accountable to their promises

When these candidates spread false information and lie to student groups about what they can achieve, it damages the SA’s reputation and relationships with the students the SA exists to serve. That’s when I have a problem.

Binghamton is a birthplace of comedy

Because Binghamton is a place that forces us to be creative and connect with each other, we have this amazingly rich history of successful comedians. Harvard, NYU, Chicago, UCLA, Binghamton. It’s insane to me that I can end a list...

The BU server crashed… again

The bottom line is that Binghamton students, professors, staff and employees rely heavily on these systems. It makes no difference if Blackboard crashes while I’m taking a test or if the Wi-Fi is down when I’m trying to look up...

Seek validation outside of hookup scene

By Odeya Pinkus -

It started to get to me that no one seemed interested in dancing with me to “Ignition (Remix)” in Tom & Marty’s. Was I not dressed up enough? Was my personality off-putting? Did I make a mistake when I switched...