NASCAR drivers deserve respect

By Benjamin Goldberg -

Drivers are constantly working with their spotters, crew chiefs, pit crews and even other drivers to employ countless strategies to help them or their teammates win a race. Most of the fun of watching NASCAR comes from watching the drama...

Jeb Bush team is more of the same

By David Forrest -

While it is certainly important for Bush to surround himself with people that have enough experience to guide him should he become president, surrounding himself with a group of advisers who also served his brother and father makes it difficult...

Kardashians are not role models

By Esmeralda Murray -

While chasing what can be considered a lofty dream should by no means be discouraged, hoping to become models or beauty queens like Kendall and Kylie without being willing to put in the work can be a recipe for disaster.

Don’t tell women to smile

By Lauren Young -

If a woman wants to smile for you, she’ll smile for you. Don’t ask. Never have I once told another man or woman to smile.

Privilege is not a dirty word

By Ilana Lipowicz -

Do your best with what you were given. There is an added pressure for those of us who were born with certain advantages.

Late night needs new voices

By Lawrence Ciulla -

Now more than ever, different viewpoints should be invited into the American home. Late-night talk shows and their guests are invited into the intimate settings of American bedrooms and living rooms.

Cultural appropriation has no place in hip-hop scene

By Anita Raychawdhuri -

These artists, perhaps with harmless intentions, make aspects of black culture kitschy. The videos portray black women as laughable sex objects with no consideration for actual Caribbean dance history. They make it a joke.