Marketplace prices are unjustified

By Jeremy Bernstein -

The only real difference between “resident dining halls” and “retail dining” seems to be what we call them.

GOP effort to kill bill exhibits homophobia

By Madison Ball -

They do not want to see gay couples being helped to live happy and prosperous lives int he same way that straight couples are, and they do not have a common sense argument to support this.

Suicide prevention takes conscious effort

By Anita Raychawdhuri -

Instead of debating how selfish it is to kill oneself in a world of suffering, it is more productive to try and help those contemplating suicide.

GPA obsession hurts the college culture

By Rebecca Klar -

Levels of education are merely a staircase ins which each period of schooling exists only to bring students to the next, rather than as opportunities to grow and learn.

‘Rape culture’ is not a buzzword

By Molly McGrath -

Until a woman can walk down the street free from vicious attacks, there is no reason to stop the conversation

‘Country’ needs a feminist facelift

By Giovanna Bernardo -

Such a progressive and fiery song is refreshing in a genre that is dominated by its male artists singing about trucks, tractors, babes and booze