It’s OK if we’re not all on the same page

By Ilana Lipowicz -

This unity that comes from a common pool of literature is positive in many ways, but without variation between our individual libraries, we lose out on a lot.

College costs are criminal

By Molly McGrath -

None of us will be laughing when the best and brightest of our generation are left unable to save for retirement, purchase homes, or start families.

I didn’t choose Binghamton, Binghamton chose me

By Darian Lusk -

Binghamton may not be a traditional college, but because of that, your college experience can be much more than traditional — a school that leaves gaps that you get to fill yourself.

Invest in relationships, the people in our lives matter most

By Michael Snow -

Like anything, you’ll get out of Binghamton what you choose to invest. I’ve chosen to give my all, often sacrificing sleep and my health along the way. And I don’t regret it for a second. Because the returns have been...

Be spontaneous, TKTKTK

By Paige Nazinitsky -

Tease me all you want, but I think good typography is as beautiful as any painting or sculpture.

Don’t overlook the underdog

By Ari Kramer -

The satisfaction you get from doing what you love far outweighs the meager paychecks you receive in return.

Follow your heart but mind your body

By Rebecca Forney -

I am happiest when I’m wading in library books, researching for a paper on one text or another, and I can’t wait to share my joy of learning — as well as my research! — with students of my own.