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Oil transport safety should be prioritized

By David Forrest -

In the United States as well as in Canada, crude oil is transported using DOT-111 railcars. These aging cars were designed to transport liquids and were not necessarily made to carry volatile liquids like oil. In an accident or derailment,...

Material obsession is too heavy a weight to bear

By Dorothy Farrell -

According to the World Resources Institute, the average person living in the U.S. uses 300 shopping bags worth of raw material every week — the weight of a large luxury car.

Decision to show scars helps body positivity movement

By Giovanna Bernardo -

#LoveYourLines is the common hashtag these proud women are using to unite their photos in this anti-body shaming campaign. Such a positive spin on a commonly overlooked fact of life, and something that almost everyone can relate to, is truly...

Response: Criticisms of Students for Change fall short

By Madison Ball -

The author and anyone with similar concerns are severely oversimplifying the constitution. Amendments are not to be interpreted in a strictly literal way. Certain types of speech are not protected by the Constitution, such as the use of obscenity, hate...