Fall 2013 Report Card

December means many things: all-nighters in Glenn G. Bartle Library, peppermint-flavored everything, alternate side of the street parking and, most important of all, Pipe Dream’s semester-end report card.

Miriam Geiger/Editorial Artist

University Union Food Court Construction: Incomplete

It’s finally here! Well, hopefully.

Everyone has that friend who didn’t quite fulfill the requirements to graduate high school on time and had to have their diploma mailed to them over the summer, after finally writing their history term paper. Well, the Food Court construction is like that. We’re really excited in anticipation of its opening next semester and getting a little bit of the munchies just thinking about having Mein Bowl and a 24/5 Starbucks above our ceiling. We hope that at next semester’s end we can give the Food Court an A. Until then, an Incomplete is the best dish we can serve.

Dean of Students Office: A

It’s rare to have an administrator who so clearly loves his or her job the way April Thompson does. Her office has been responsive and receptive to student suggestions, especially one we raised in a recent editorial about not having enough study space during finals week. The day that our editorial was published, her office contacted us to flesh out plans to open empty classrooms for studying. Within a day, a B-Line addition went out to announce which rooms were available. The Dean’s Team has been an especially helpful source of ideas and implementation within the office. We appreciate the fact that when we have a concern or suggestion, we have open ears to voice it to.

President Harvey Stenger: B

In the past, we have graded President Stenger generously, giving him good marks for being a visible and active figure on campus. Last semester’s report card cautioned that the high grades could only stand if the president kept up his trajectory. This semester started out looking promising; we saw Stenger at University Fest and at the grand opening of the new disc golf course. However, since then, we haven’t seen much of our president. Last semester, we were up on all of his plans and activities because he regularly made appearances at open forums and meetings about his Road Map proposals. Right now, we don’t really hear much coming out of the president’s office, and we would like to see more in the coming semester.

Sports: C+

The athletics department had its most successful year in 2012-13, but we’ll have to wait until the spring to see if that success repeats itself. Volleyball did not qualify for the conference tournament, and both soccer squads finished in sixth place and fell in the AE quarterfinals. At least men’s basketball has produced three America East Rookie of the Weeks and two Player of the Weeks. But the team hasn’t reversed the losing trend, entering winter break at 2-8.

English Department: B

In a piece called “Broken English“ published last semester, our Editorial Board criticized the English department. The main criticism was the structure of the department; its lack of prerequisites was a focus point, as well as the fact that it’s strikingly easy to cruise through the English major, underachieving all the way. We’ve gotten wind from a few professors that our words were heard, prompting discussion within the department, which is great. But the B stands as is, because we’re waiting for tangible results. While we wouldn’t want the department to jump to any drastic restructuring without first doing the legwork, we think it’s important to remember that students currently enrolled as English majors have limited time. We suggest student surveys and class observations as good places to start — the findings may come as a bit of a wake-up call.

Student Association: A-

The SA really impressed this year, running smoothly and going above and beyond expectations. What it really comes down to is their crack team of E-Board members. From Samson, who did a great job effectively managing student groups and making events like University Fest and programs like Operation SAnta bigger than before, to Riana Moriello, who constantly delivered on big names from J. Cole to Demetri Martin. We can only gave you an A- because we need you to continue the great work. The SA is notoriously good at blowing it come second semester, so please, don’t. But if this semester is any indication, you guys won’t let that happen.