Miriam Geiger/ Editorial Artist

Put A Label On It

By The Editorial Board -

Including ingredients on packaged products and prepared foods is no luxury: It should be the standard.

Well-planned murals will beautify campus

By Miriam Geiger -

Given the tendency of Binghamton winters toward grayness, murals and wall art might be the only colors student see for months. An exaggeration maybe, but not by too long a shot.

Cruz’s net neutrality comments are unfounded

By David Forrest -

All Americans, Republican or Democrat, would be affected if Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon were allowed to impose their two-tiered speed plan.

Pursue greatness for personal fulfillment

By Melanie Sharif -

It’s not inherently harmful to want to be the best doctor or lawyer or business-savvy individual that you can be. The problem is desiring recognition while failing to consider the pleasure that comes with creating and doing things for their...

Nowhere To Go

By The Editorial Board -

Despite claims by proponents of the closure, local service providers are ill-equipped to treat these discharged patients.

Put an end to “skinny shaming”

By Anita Raychawdhuri -

There is no legitimacy to a song about positivity if it only inverts who is being targeted as unattractive.

Death with dignity is a human right

By Stephanie Izquieta -

In an age of increased longevity, death can be prolonged to the point that it does more harm than good.

Ditch the meal plan and experiment with cooking

By Lawrence Ciulla -

I found that it is generally easier to throw a bunch of ingredients in a pan and see how it comes out than to religiously abide by a recipe found on the Web.

BU Brainless

By The Editorial Board -

Registration is already a nerve-wracking process, and the University’s failure to properly respond to these glitches placed unnecessary additional stress on students.