Paige Gittelman/ Editorial Artist

The Price of Prestige

By The Editorial Board -

It’s no secret that the cost of college tuition is increasing exponentially in our country. The decision by the UC Board of Regents is particularly disturbing because of the system’s many parallels to SUNY, and the situation hits a little close to home.

Stop censoring Cosby's victims

By Esmeralda Murray -

Imagine your assailant being loved by many, protected by his prestige and affluence. Imagine attempting to share your story and being met with doubt and suspicion because the person you are accusing is well regarded by the media and public

University must cull deer to protect student health

By Guest Author -

The only feasible solution is to substantially cull the deer. This would entail hiring a private company, such as the one led by a former marine sniper with a Ph.D. in wildlife biology, to painlessly and mercifully end the lives of 90 percent of the deer. The usable portions of the deceased deer would be donated to local charities.

Anti-bullying legislation goes too far

By Kristen DiPietra -

As much as I hate the archaic excuse that kids will be kids, learning how to cope with a moderate dose of bullying can be healthy for a child's or adolescent's development.

Lift on Cuba embargo is long overdue

By Stephanie Izquieta -

This year marks the United Nations 23rd attempt to end the embargo since 1992. Only two member countries continue to support the embargo, the U.S. and its ally Israel.

Well-planned murals will beautify campus

By Miriam Geiger -

Given the tendency of Binghamton winters toward grayness, murals and wall art might be the only colors student see for months. An exaggeration maybe, but not by too long a shot.

Obama far from a lame duck

By Madison Ball -

Senior White House aids have said they believe Obama is best when he is on offense.

Cruz’s net neutrality comments are unfounded

By David Forrest -

All Americans, Republican or Democrat, would be affected if Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon were allowed to impose their two-tiered speed plan.

Put A Label On It

By The Editorial Board -

Including ingredients on packaged products and prepared foods is no luxury: It should be the standard.