Student Association

SA E-board candidates debate platforms

By Davina Bhandari -

With elections three days away, Student Association Executive Board candidates defended their platforms to the public in a debate Monday night.

Student Congress restructured

By Jeremy Bernstein -

Formerly referred to as the Student Assembly, the Student Congress (SC) has undergone more than a name change for the 2013-2014 academic year. The SC, the legislative branch of the Student Association (SA), has been completely restructured in order to...

VPAA looks to change repeated class grading policy

By Joseph Hawthorne -

Following complaints from students about how grades from repeated classes are handled, members of the Student Association Office of Academic Affairs are looking to change and standardize the system.

SA steps toward incorporation

By Dhruv Sehgal -

With the new academic year, the Student Association is moving forward with plans to incorporate while also expanding on some of its old programs.

Student Association merges PAWS and B-Involved

By Nicolas Vega -

In an effort to get more students involved on campus, the Student Association introduced a new website to consolidate student groups and membership, but it’s getting a lukewarm reception from club leaders.

SA to add bike racks to OCCT buses

By James Galloway -

By summer’s end, the Student Association hopes to install bike racks on all of Off Campus College Transport’s blue buses.

OCCT spends $3,900 on new ID scanners

By Geoffrey Wilson -

After two failed attempts and thousands of dollars, Off Campus College Transport is taking another stab at implementing ID scanners on its blue buses.