TEDxBinghamtonUniversity announces choice for student speaker

By Nicolas Vega -

Fischer’s talk, titled “Porn: The New Tobacco,” will focus on NoFap, a Reddit-inspired community where members abstain from watching pornography or masturbating for periods of time ranging from days to years.

With morning brew, professor showcases history of a city

By Emilie Leroy -

According to Um, Sufi Muslims would drink coffee in order to stay alert during rituals that often lasted through the night. Prior to that, coffee beans had been consumed as food in countries like Ethiopia.

Black History Month puts a focus on the individual

By Michelle Kraidman -

Previously, Binghamton University’s Black History Month had only one keynote speaker, but this year there will be two: Nikki Giovanni, a legendary writer and activist, and Spike Lee, an American film director, producer, writer and actor.

In Southern Tier, a fresh look at sustainable projects

By Chloe Rehfield -

The panel of speakers addressed recent improvements throughout the Southern Tier at the SUNY BEST (Business and Education Cooperative of the Southern Tier) event, “Inspiring Energy Initiatives: The Public and Nonprofit Sectors.”

TEDxBinghamton will give one student a chance to take the stage

By Zach Wingate -

Binghamton University students have seen Bitcoin developers, award-winning writers and feminist bloggers speak at TEDx Binghamton. But this year, one of BU’s own will take the stage and try to open the minds of his or her peers. Technology, Entertainment,...

AIDS Awareness Festival highlights struggles of being HIV positive

By Stacey Schimmel -

HIV/AIDS affects millions of people around the world, from wealthy celebrities like Magic Johnson and Arthur Ashe to minimum wage workers struggling just to survive. On Tuesday, Binghamton University campus groups helped bring the issue home. Charles Drew Minority Pre-Health...