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Doctoral student describes awakening of political left in Greenwich Village

By Zuzu Boomer-Knapp -

Although it’s known for high rents and fashionable stores today, Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood was a home for radical leftists and ambitious religious changes a century ago, according to Binghamton University doctoral candidate Rachel Stevens. Stevens spoke Monday in Lecture...

With New York City data, study analyzes police-community relations

By Emilie Leroy -

Whether in New York City or Binghamton, urban residents have continued to worry about harassment and discrimination by local law enforcement. Saturday morning, researchers from both cities came together at the University Downtown Center to discuss their findings and solutions...

Beyond campus, a look at professional growth

By Alexis Hatcher -

Members of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) came together Wednesday night to hear career advice from human resources professional Dan Higham, who sat down to discuss the nitty gritty of how to find a job in human resources...

Local doctor offers glimpse into careers in medicine

By Gabriella Weick -

For those looking to go into the field of healthcare, the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development hosted a local physician to give insight into the road to working in a hospital, as a doctor or beyond. Thomas Martin,...

Moroccan professor breaks down Sufism, a mystical side of Islam

By Zach Wingate -

More than a billion people around the world identify as Muslim, but just like with other major religions, Islam is not a monolith. Visiting from Morroco, English professor Khalid Bekkaoui looked to break down the significance of just one sect...