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Science & Research

Physics professor takes closer look at green energy

By Chloe Rehfield -

Binghamton University physics professor Pegor Aynajian sits in his office amid piles of papers riddled with formulas, describing the isolated chamber where he conducts experiments to break down and improve long-standing physics theories regarding superconductors. His goal is to find...

Study questions financial gains of energy efficient housing

By Haley Silverstein -

Economics professor Carmen Carrión-Flores began studying how having the ENERGY STAR-approved stamp added value to a home in 2010 and found that over time, when the houses were resold, the investment didn’t pay off

Student engineers on track to build hybrid racecar

By Chloe Rehfield -

Flipping through a stack of drawings of circuits and motors scribbled with numbers of voltage and currency, she stood in front of a room of 10 engineers to discuss this week’s goal for their project: improving the design for a...