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TEDx: “Stray the Path… the Story of My Life”

By Jacob Shamsian -

Actor, writer and director Ruben Santiago-Hudson brought words of inspiration to the TEDx crowd in the last speech of the day. In his talk, the artist spoke about straying off course in life and how those experiences define who you...

TEDx: “The birth of Jezebel”

By Davina Bhandari -

Daring to escape the comfort of a steady paycheck from the largely male-dominated industry she had come to know and disdain, Anna Holmes left her work with women’s magazines to begin the feminist blog Jezebel.

TEDx 2014 covers Bitcoin, Jezebel, drug policy

By Carla Sinclair -

Mathematician Hannah Fry, actor Ruben Santiago-Hudson, drug policy advocate gabriel sayegh (who chooses not to capitalize his first or last name), entrepreneur Sebastian Walker, engineer Jeff Garzik, editor Anna Holmes and doctoral candidate Ben “Unidan” Eisenkop shared their ideas with...

TEDx: “Alternative Futures of Science Funding”

By Christina Pullano -

Eisenkop discussed websites like, which take the same approach as the website Kickstarter to fund science research projects. The sites enable donors to contribute to the projects that they think have the best ideas.

TEDx: “The Mathematics of Love”

By Nicolas Vega -

Hannah Fry, a mathematician and complexity scientist at the University College London’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, discussed ‘the mathematics of love’ during her TEDx talk at Binghamton University.

TEDx: “Bitcoin: the organism”

By Geoffrey Wilson -

For Jeff Garzik, core developer for Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency may be the biggest game changer since the Internet.