Campus News

Engineering showcase displays freshmen’s first inventions

By Chloe Rehfield -

Binghamton University’s Engineering Design Division, a program at BU designed to help engineering students transition from high school to college with two hands-on projects, hosted its fifth annual Arduino Expo.

Habitat for Humanity raises the roof on Binghamton University campus

By Garrett Shor -

Groups from the Campus Climate Challenge, the Binghamton Scholars Program and multiple fraternities each chose different designs such as a rocket ship themed shack, an eco-friendly building adorned with trees and solar panels and a tent structure with a basketball...

University releases Road Map progress report

By Zuzu Boomer-Knapp -

The progress report, released on Oct. 10, detailed the administration’s activity during the 2013-2014 academic year. All of last year’s 46 projects advanced since their implementation. The administration presented an updated budget process and created a new set of goals...

In modern fundraising, social media plays key role

By Alexis Hatcher -

Speakers came to Binghamton University to discuss a 100-million dollar idea: the Ice Bucket Challenge. A panel composed of both faculty and students met on Wednesday evening to discuss the effect of the viral fundraising campaign on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis...