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Paige Gittelman/ Editorial Artist

Editorial: Written Into Office

By The Editorial Board -

We like that he is really embracing the “multicultural” aspect of the VPMA positon, but we caution him to remember that issues of race and discrimination on this campus cannot be ignored.

Start a business in college

f your college start-up fails, chances are you won’t be evicted from your home and lose your life savings. If you fail, at least you know you tried in college and gave it your best shot.

Letter to the Editor: Response to Free Speech column

The case at hand poses a unique problem. An individual creates a license plate design and submits it. The government approves the message, produces the license plate, and distributes it, alongside the state-regulated identification number present on license plates.

Letter to the Editor: Article on Watson project erroneous

Our grievances lie mainly in the false information regarding Michelle Digiacomo. For starters, she is not the president of the project. Her involvement is limited to the project’s fundraising and marketing efforts with Marca Peru which has contributed about half...

Editorial: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

By The Editorial Board -

Recruitment must be a gradual process. We can’t expect the University to significantly change these numbers by 2020, but goals can be set to increase the number of enrolled minority students each year.

Response: Criticisms of Students for Change fall short

By Madison Ball -

The author and anyone with similar concerns are severely oversimplifying the constitution. Amendments are not to be interpreted in a strictly literal way. Certain types of speech are not protected by the Constitution, such as the use of obscenity, hate...

Improve mental health crisis through campus resources

Colleges are a structure we need to utilize in the fight against the over-stressing of our youth. Binghamton University needs a better psychiatric system. Numbers have shown that where the correct resources are available, students will take advantage of them....

An Open Letter from President Harvey Stenger

To move toward greater inclusivity, we have publicly denounced acts of harassment and will continue to do so. We have had and will continue to have a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination. We have and we will continue to invest effort,...

Editorial: Dropped Mic, Dropped Ball

By The Editorial Board -

The two options that seem possible are that his staff did not prepare him, or that he chose not to discuss the material with which his staff prepared him. Both are damning.