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Thanks for coming in, Nate

By Nate Fleming -

Hey freshies, it’s me, Nate. I went to school here for the past few years, but now I don’t because, well, life reasons. So it goes, tempus fugit, c’est la vie, if you catch my drift. I lived in the old Dickinson Community housing projects then moved Downtown back before all those yuppie SUNY kids...

Union closure to displace workers

By James Galloway and Nate Fleming -

For the roughly 40 unionized Sodexo employees working in the New University Union Food Court and Susquehanna Room, the renovations to the University Unions mean new jobs, and possibly different hours and wages.

Dean’s office ramps up hazing investigation

By Nate Fleming -

Campus fraternities and sororities will find out early next week if they can cross new pledges, or whether they are in the scope of Binghamton University’s investigation into rampant allegations of hazing.

Activity fee on ballot in upcoming election

By Nate Fleming -

Next week’s Student Association elections ballot will include a referendum to determine whether the student activity fee will remain mandatory for undergraduate students.

Next year’s retail dining options still up in the air

By Nate Fleming and Emily Melas -

The Food Court and Susquehanna Room will be closed for renovations for the entirety of the 2012-13 academic year, and University administrators, as well as Sodexo officials and employees, are still unsure how they will make up for the loss of the campus’ central hub.

Spring Fling concert to be indoors, require ticket purchase

By Nate Fleming -

The Student Association confirmed that the Spring Fling headlining concert will, for the first time in memory, require purchasing a ticket — for a show that will be held indoors at Binghamton University’s Events Center on May 5.

Plans for law school tabled by BU officials

By Emily Melas, Daniel O'Connor and Nate Fleming -

Plans to open a law school at Binghamton University in 2017 appear to be shelved indefinitely, though administrators have emphasized that plans have not been entirely canceled.

Binghamton area obesity tips national scales

By Nate Fleming -

Binghamton’s metropolitan area had the second-highest obesity rate of any city in the United States in 2011, according to findings from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index released Monday.

SA takes a second swing at incorporation

By Nate Fleming -

At a town hall forum held Wednesday evening in the Old University Union, the Student Association Executive Board discussed SA incorporation at length.