Molly McGrath

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‘Rape culture’ is not a buzzword

By Molly McGrath -

Until a woman can walk down the street free from vicious attacks, there is no reason to stop the conversation

College costs are criminal

By Molly McGrath -

None of us will be laughing when the best and brightest of our generation are left unable to save for retirement, purchase homes, or start families.

Arizona, are you kidding me?

By Molly McGrath -

The mere fact that the anti-gay law was passed by the Arizona legislature has frightening implications.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict deserves dialogue

By Molly McGrath -

Last week, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) protested outside of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra’s performance at the Anderson Center, only to be met with a counter-protest by pro-Israel students. Students held up the Israeli flag as their peers shouted, “Zionism is racism.” As I walked through the scene, I wondered: What do these protests accomplish?