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University sanctions six fraternities

By James Galloway -

Binghamton University has released a list of disciplinary actions handed down to Greek Life over the last academic year, including sanctions against six fraternities, three of which were suspended.

SA to add bike racks to OCCT buses

By James Galloway -

By summer’s end, the Student Association hopes to install bike racks on all of Off Campus College Transport’s blue buses.

Hazing charges hit Delta Chi fraternity

By James Galloway -

Delta Chi had its charter suspended this week, renewing the talks of hazing that had nearly slipped to the back burner during a relatively controversy-free spring semester.

Pharmacy school seems likely as Road Map moves forward

By James Galloway -

The Binghamton University Road Map is taking form and a pharmacy school seems likely, after BU President Harvey Stenger announced Monday that more than $13 million will be allocated to Road Map proposals over the next 28 months.

Students in the dark about SA elections

By James Galloway -

Student Association elections are in less than a week, but a string of missed opportunities to publicize the ballot has left most students in the dark.

Stenger caught off guard, faces student outcry at racism forum

By Joseph Hawthorne, James Galloway and Rachel Bluth -

University President Harvey Stenger was publicly and unexpectedly censured at a student-organized discussion of racism on Wednesday, completely overshadowing a series of deeply personal accounts of discrimination.

BU Greek Life gets graded

By James Galloway -

In an open panel discussion on Wednesday, Brian Rose, vice president for student affairs, hinted that Greek Life at Binghamton University is about to undergo sweeping changes when he said that some Greek organizations will not survive the year.