Sungwon Kim/Contributing Photographer

ResLife moves campus housing process to Fall 2014

By Alexandra Mackof -

On-campus housing signups will now begin on Oct. 22 and continue through Nov. 3. In the past, the process hadn’t begun until late into the spring semester.

Sodexo cuts Night Owl prices, expands dining options

By Stacey Schimmel -

According to John Enright, director of residential dining, the prices in Night Owls are now equivalent to daytime dining hall prices, meaning many items cost nearly half of what they used to.

Microsoft hosts competition to find Binghamton University's best coders

By Gabriella Weick -

Participants gathered in groups of two or three and attempted to solve multiple coding problems set by the judges from the tech giant. The group that solved the most problems in the shortest amount of time won the competition, and the attention of Microsoft scouts.

Watson faculty use social media to predict human behavior

By Emilie Leroy -

Sang Won Yoon, an assistant professor of system sciences and industrial engineering, and Sarah Lam, an associate professor and an associate dean of the Watson graduate school, analyzed 500 million tweets from the New York City area

Binghamton Crew raises money for charity in 24-hour erg-a-thon

By Emilie Leroy -

Seventy-five members of Crew shared five ergs and rowed for one-hour shifts outside the Union starting at noon on Thursday and ending at noon on Friday. They raised $200 in donations out of their original $300 goal.

5k colors Binghamton University campus

By Habin Kwak -

The participants were covered with clouds of paint powder as they took off from the starting line and again as they rounded through the Nature Preserve on their way back

Binghamton University students pushed to vote local, get involved

By Carla Sinclair -

The Center for Civic Engagement’s (CCE) political engagement task force is working with student groups and the Broome County Board of Elections to encourage students to register to vote and make their decisions as educated as possible.

World Suicide Prevention day shines light on mental health on campus

By Nicolas Vega -

Each year, 1,100 college students take their own lives. On World Suicide Prevention day Wednesday, a yellow flag was planted in the grass along the Spine in honor of each of them. Student groups, including Mental Health Outreach Peer Educators...